Bixby just got a big update with improvements you’ll want to check out

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Bixby is still alive and well even though most people would just search for instructions on how to disable Bixby when they set up their new Galaxy phone. Samsung hasn’t given up on it yet and continues to make improvements.

The company has just released a big update for Bixby. While there’s not much in the way of new features, the update does make a few improvements that might get you to start using its voice assistant again.

New Bixby update is rolling out now

Previously, the results in response to your voice query would fill the entire screen. After today’s update, the response to any Bixby Voice query will only take up as much screen space as needed to display the response. It will also be displayed for a set duration only after which the result screen will automatically disappear. The default is 15 seconds.

Samsung has further improved Bixby’s ability to learn your preferences over time. When you invoke Bixby now, it will show hints, if “Personalized Bixby” is enabled the assistant will provide you with personalized app based hints.

Setting up “Hi Bixby” voice wakeup previously required training the assistant on your voice. You needed to say the hotword five times for the assistant to recognize your voice. Bixby now provides a default option of training-less wake-up to newly registered users. They’ll be able to use the “Hi Bixby” wakeup command without having to train the assistant on their voice.

Lastly, on the Bixby main page, a card titled “Add Quick Commands to home” is now available. Tapping on this will add a Quick Command icon to your home screen, allowing you to execute your quick commands swiftly.

The latest Bixby update is now rolling out through the Galaxy Store. Head on over to download it and see if this makes you want to use Bixby on the regular.

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