The new Mac mini hasn’t seen many deals since it dropped last October, but today B&H Photo is bucking that trend by offering anywhere from $50 to $200 offRemove non-product link various configurations. Considering the prices of some of these things, these discounts kind of strike me as “mini” deals, but they’re nonetheless remarkable considering how rarely we see deals for the mini in the first place.

The real star of the show is this 1TB 3.0GHz modelRemove non-product link with a whopping 32GB of RAM that’s discounted by $200, bringing the price to $2,099. That’s a seriously impressive machine, especially if you already have a good monitor and keyboard lying around.

The smallest $50 discount will get you a 3.6GHz 128GB modelRemove non-product link for $949, but this discount is so paltry that I wouldn’t recommend bothering with it unless you were looking for an excuse to buy one.

Any of this sound attractive? You should take advantage of this deal right away as B&H says it’s only available in “limited supply at this price.” You also won’t have to pay for shipping.

For more information, be sure to check out our full review from November. As we said at the time, “Whether you should upgrade from the previous Mac mini is a no-brainer: Do it. If you use apps that can take advantage of multiple cores, you’ll see a huge improvement that’s well worth the cost. Even if you don’t use multi-core apps and use only consumer-level software, you’ll see a marked improvement in speed. You may have to buy a USB hub and a video adapter, but it’s worth it.”