Best Xbox Game Pass games for January 2020

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Best Xbox Game Pass Games Windows Central 2020

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s all-in-one subscription for Xbox One gaming, granting a Netflix-style library starting at $10 per month. You can download games directly to your Xbox console, even extending to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass PC under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier. We’ve rounded up a list of the best titles in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, right here.

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Microsoft’s latest racing entry, Forza Horizon 4, is easily among the top games on Xbox One today, even for those who aren’t fans of the genre. Playground Games takes its open-world festival to new heights, exploring Great Britain across four seasons, with hundreds of iconic vehicles. It’s a quick Xbox Game Pass title to pick up and play, amd offers hundreds of hours of roads to travel once hooked.

We also wrap with a nod to The Outer Worlds, an ambitious new role-playing experience from Obsidian Entertainment. The studio behind some of gaming’s top RPGs recently joined the Microsoft family, with its latest endeavor on Xbox Game Pass from launch. It’s a classic open-ended sandbox, accommodating player choice from methodical to downright crazy.

Netflix for Xbox games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Choose from hundreds of Xbox One titles today.

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox One, granting access to more than 200 games, and new Microsoft releases on launch day. In short, it’s great value for all gamers.

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