Best Prime Day Xbox Deals 2020

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Xbox One XSource: Matt Brown / Windows Central

With price cuts across Xbox One consoles, Xbox-compatible headsets, accessories, and video games, Amazon Prime Day means site-wide savings. The two-day annual event will reward keen-eyed Xbox fans, and we’re continuing to round up the best discounts, as well as those safe to ignore. Ahead of the October 13 kick-off, we’ve rounded up the top products to watch this week and prices to expect.

Today’s best Xbox deals

Best Prime Day Xbox One console deals

This Amazon Prime Day may see some significant discounts on Xbox One hardware, with just weeks away from the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Still, even with new consoles headed to the market, Microsoft’s commitment to cross-generation games (including Halo Infinite in 2021) means that Xbox One consoles retain value beyond this holiday.

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While the Xbox One X soon loses its crown as Microsoft’s most powerful console, it remains highly capable of 4K 60 FPS gaming across most modern releases. This flagship Xbox One will support upcoming games for at least a couple more years, with an integrated 4K Blu-ray drive and Dolby Atmos support making this a killer media player. While current events have pushed pricing higher than usual, consoles around or below the typical $399 bundle are worth buying if holding out on next-gen.

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The Xbox One S serves as an ideal entry-level console, supporting the full Xbox One catalog, with an included 4K Blu-ray drive, making this a versatile (and affordable) entertainment hub. It’s the final Xbox One console that remains in production, with the chance of bundles on Prime Day. With new Xbox One hardware scarce throughout the year, keep an eye out for discounts below $299, undercutting the upcoming Xbox Series S.

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The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition made its debut as Microsoft’s cheapest Xbox One, cutting the disc drive, otherwise featuring identical features and performance to Xbox One S. While soon superseded by the digital-only Xbox Series S, this now discontinued console may see a price cut to clear supplementary stock. But with aging hardware and no integrated drive, only consider this device if available below its $249 RRP.

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Despite the next-generation devices looming, Xbox One demand has remained consistently high throughout the year, during an era of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. That saw pricing rise through the spring, followed by Microsoft discontinuing Xbox One X and the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The standard Xbox One S, disc drive included, remains in production in late 2020. That means that while we continue to round up the best Xbox One deals and discounts, the stock isn’t as easy to come by, compared to the end of the Xbox 360’s reign.

And while Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders first opened in late September, stock disappeared from most retailers within minutes. With the next-generation fast approaching, don’t expect to see discounts on either console during Prime Day or into Black Friday.

Best Prime Day Xbox headset deals

Prime Day is expected to bring discounts across various Xbox One headsets, all with guaranteed compatibility extending to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The available savings often vary between manufacturers, with the added choice of wired versus wireless, or specific features. But whether a budget-conscious buyer or an enthusiast demanding the best, many top names have headsets suited to you. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox One headsets to watch ahead of Prime Day, including the prices you shouldn’t ignore.

The Stealth 600 comes in two variants, with an older first-generation model, and a newly-refreshed version with product-wide improvements. Both highly-capable wireless headsets sporting decent audio and battery life, finding either below their $100 RRPs makes for a deal jump on fast.

$100 at Amazon

Leading audio and wrapped up in a premium package, the Astro A50 serves one of Xbox’s best cable-free experiences. It’s easy to use, with comfort unmatched, and supplementary features like a magnetic charging dock or SPDIF compatibility elevating it above the rest. And for Prime Day, any saving on the usual $300 is worth considering.

$300 at Amazon

For budget-friendly, wired cans that don’t slack in performance, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 defies expectations. While they’re not mind-blowing, anything below the current $50 price means a cut on a trusty headset for hours to come.

$50 at Amazon

The LucidSound LC35X has held the top spot has our best Xbox One headset, with high-quality construction, sound quality that shines, and hassle-free wireless. It wouldn’t be its first Prime Day discount, with any saving on its $180 asking price unlikely to disappoint.

$205 at Amazon

With Prime Day bringing discounts to some of the best Xbox One headsets, it’s essential to choose the product with the features suited to you. While quick research never hurts before checkout, it’s best to consider what you need from a headset and how it fits into your gaming setup.

The crucial decision comes from wired versus wireless, with each bearing unique benefits and disadvantages. Wireless provides added versatility, and while the technology is now better than ever, you’ll still need to recharge your headset regularly. Wired introduces a physical tether to consider, but the promise of simple, high-quality audio and a lower price tempts many. The sound quality, cost, and other attributes should all be considered — and with Prime Day, a good deal never hurts, too.

Microsoft has also committed to supporting all Xbox One headsets on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, making it safe to invest despite the upcoming cross-generation transition. You can check out with confidence, ensuring a purchase lasting for years to come.

Best Prime Day Xbox video game deals

Xbox One games look to see hefty price reductions through the Prime Day window, ideal for those titles you may have missed from past months. Those savings will best serve those who favor physical, disc-based games, although select digital download codes may also receive cuts. While we continue to round up the best video game deals for Prime Day, many of our Xbox One highlights feature below.

Madden NFL 21 brings the most authentic and immersive take on football from the comfort of your couch, with the latest packing new modes and upgrades. You can now save up to 50% off, with a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version included at no additional cost.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection packs the best of Microsoft’s legendary shooter franchise into one bundle, currently featuring six entries spanning almost two decades. The title continues to receive frequent updates with its recent PC debut, with the launch of Season 3 bringing all-new content to Halo 3, and introducing Halo 3: ODST’s cooperative Firefight. This is the must-buy for any Xbox One owner looking to delve into the sci-fi classic, with its latest discount bolstering already insane value.

$20 at Amazon (Xbox One)

Ubisoft’s world of assassination makes its return this November with a Viking journey touching Norway and Britain’s Dark Ages. Brutal combat and large-scale conflict take the stage, with a free launch day upgrade to Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5. Amazon has already cut Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by $10 for last-minute preorders.

The latest MotoGP entry arrived earlier in 2020, bringing a beefed-up simulation revamped with the latest bikes, riders, and circuits. Favorable reviews saw the title as the best in virtual motorcycle racing, with a welcome 17% discount for those yet to take the ride.

$42 at Amazon (Xbox One)

New video game deals will continue to arise and disappear throughout Prime Day, with some of the best Xbox One games even expected. With physical games often cheaper than their digital counterparts, further savings can be hard to overlook.

Some existing Xbox One games will also be among the list of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Optimized games, with many already pledging free upgrades. However, Xbox One games will also remain playable into the next-generation, alongside Xbox 360 and original Xbox, via backward compatibility.

Best Prime Day Xbox accessory deals

In addition to headsets, there might be some solid deals on controllers, charging docks, and other useful accessories throughout Amazon Prime Day. These are our top picks for hardware that might grab steep discounts on Prime Day, all which work on future consoles like Xbox Series X and Series S.

If there’s one deal above all others you should try and nab on Amazon Prime Day it’s the LG CX 2020 OLED TV sets. These TVs are the top-tier for gaming, with 120hz, 4K, HDR, and Freesync, all of which the next-gen Xbox Series S and X need to output at their best. Anything below $1500 typical asking price will be a good deal.

$1500 at Amazon

Another obvious pick for best Xbox accessory this Prime Day is the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which retails for $180 typically. This controller has improved construction across the board, as well as four configurable paddle buttons on the reverse, interchangeable joysticks, and, perhaps its best feature, a robust charging dock with a 40 hour in-built battery.

$173 at Amazon

With Xbox Game Pass now allowing you to stream games to your Android smartphone (and soon, iPhone), you may want to invest in a nifty Xbox controller clip. The Jovitech options are great, at just $10, but for Prime Day they might come in even cheaper. They fit snugly onto your controller and even have a nice kickstand for settling your controller down on a desk.

$10 at Amazon

Note that all the best Xbox One accessories also work on next-gen Xbox Series X and Series S, unless they require Kinect or an IR Blaster. That comes from Microsoft’s commitment to backward compatibility, extending to headsets, chargers, storage, and more.

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