Apple Pencil Makes Squeaking Noise on iPad

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The amazing Apple Pencil is the perfect tool for note-taking and drawing on iPad devices. It’s precise, easy to use, and doesn’t lag at all. However, many iPad Pro users complained the pencil often makes squeaking noises on their devices. The sound is similar to the noise that a sharp object makes on glass. Some described it as being similar to the squeak of a marker on a whiteboard. Let’s jump right in and explore how you can sort this out.

How Do You Stop Apple Pencils From Squeaking?

Blame the New Anti-Reflection Coating

Many users replaced their pencils and even got new iPads while others replaced only the pencil tip – all to no avail.

Allegedly, this problem is caused by the new coating that Apple uses on their displays. The company uses a special anti-reflection surface treatment on their iPad screens and this could be the source of the problem.

Install a Screen Protector

Installing a glass screen protector on your iPad may help you reduce the squeaking noises. If you decide to use this workaround, use a high-quality matte screen protector. Low-quality screen protectors might affect your pencil’s accuracy.

If you’re an illustrator, this may not be the best solution for your needs. Matte screen protectors generally blur the screen surface which means you can no longer draw fine lines. Having the lines blurred defeats the whole purpose of using a digital pencil, so you may want to skip this step.

Keep in mind that this workaround may not always do the trick. Some users complained the pencil still squeaked even after installing a third-party screen protector.

Angle the Pencil

Additionally, try angling the pencil more to avoid squeaking noises. If you usually apply a lot of pressure on the tip of the pencil, use a very light touch, barely applying any pressure, and check the results.

Smear the Screen With Skin Oil

Yes, you read that right. As surprising as this low-tech solution may seem, it did the trick for many users. Rub your fingers all over the screen and check if the squeaking noise is gone.


If your Apple Pencil’s making an annoying “nails on a chalkboard” kind of noise when drawing, rub your fingers all over the screen to apply skin oil. Alternatively, install a matte screen protector and check if this workaround solved the problem. Did you find other ways to fix Apple’s squeaky pencil? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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