Apex Legends announces new hero, crafting system for Season 6

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In celebration of Apex Legends Season 6 debuting on Aug. 18, developer Respawn Entertainment had to announce some changes, including some big ones.

The first is the introduction of a new hero, Rampart. Not much is known about her yet, and fans who have been playing the game haven’t heard many rumblings about her, but based on the teaser released Thursday, she appears to be a weaponsmith and is described as a modder.

She doesn’t appear much in the trailer introducing her, but we get some details on her personality, her look, what she sounds like, and of course, an introduction to “Sheila.” Unclear if Sheila is a robot or drone companion like Lifeline’s drone Doc or if it’s just a really big gun or gatling turret.

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As Season 5 has been winding down, players have been spotting hints throughout the map for what was to come. Audio diaries have featured unannounced characters and there were signs that were vandalized with “All Hail Sheila.” Now we know what Sheila refers to, at the very least, but a lot of what was teased still hasn’t been confirmed by Respawn yet. Other clues showed a familiar face from Titanfall 2, which players would see after completing quests. A new map was also teased, but that could be announced at a later date.

It makes sense then based on the new hero that the game would also include a new crafting system to go along with her. Not much is known about it yet, but it’ll involve collecting materials to make your own gear.

Another announcement involes a “Boosted Battle Pass,” which will include exclusive items, including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, and more. It’s unclear what this will cost, if anything, and how it will compare to the Battle Pass already integrated into the game.

Finally, there’s a new gun: an energy SMG called the Volt.

There’s bound to be more coming this season, too. The trailer shows off some previously unknown features. You can see Bangalore shooting through a shield wall and Caustic whack Pathfinder with a canister.

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