Welcome to this week’s And finally, your round-up of the wearable news you might have missed over the last seven days.

This week was of course dominated by the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 5, which will officially launch on 20 September.

Elsewhere in the world of smartwatches, we gave our verdict on the Fitbit Versa 2, got another look at the Huawei Watch GT 2 ahead of its unveiling and found out what features are giving smartwatch sales a boost.

If you’re hankering for more wearable news, we’ve compiled a few more stories to tuck into. Remember, you can check out all of the headline-grabbers in our dedicated news section.

Apple AirPods 3 may have been leaked

And finally: Third-generation AirPods prototype may have just leaked

Speculation was swirling ahead of Apple’s big September event that it might drop a new pair of AirPods. But that didn’t happen.

It hasn’t taken long for the rumor mill to spin back into action, though, and it looks like some alleged images of new AirPods have leaked.

There’s nothing to accompany the images, but if they are legit, it looks like the new version could feature a reduced form-factor for the earpieces themselves, and quite possibly a smaller charging case, to boot.

We’d expect some minor changes to internals as well, when or if Apple launches new AirPods soon. Apple usually has one last event before the end of the year that. It has already launched a new pair of its buds this year, but maybe it’s got another pair to show off before the year is out.

Dreem launches second version of sleep-tracking headband

And finally: Third-generation AirPods prototype may have just leaked

We talked to Dreem about its intriguing second-generation sleep-tracking headband Dreem 2 earlier this year, and now the product has finally hit the market some months later.

The soft headband is available in the US and Europe for £359, and features EEG, heart rate, breathing and movement tracking to monitor your sleep pretty comprehensively. The companion app lays out all of your information for you, as is standard for most sleep trackers.

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An impressive facet of the release is that the Dreem 2 has also been granted FDA approval as a class two device, meaning that it’s on the road to full approval for some of its medical features.

Apple quietly lowers some band prices

And finally: Third-generation AirPods prototype may have just leaked

As we mentioned, Apple cranked out plenty of news in terms of updates for the Apple Watch this week. It also made some quieter adjustments, including tinkering with the price of some Apple Watch bands ahead of the Series 5 going on sale.

The Leather Loop and Milanese Loop straps are both on the premium end of Apple’s scale as far as first-party watch straps go, and had previously cost £149 each. Now, though, they’re listed at £99, and it looks they may stay at that price.

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We also found out this week that some Apple Watch Series 5 models will ship with a bonus sports band, so it looks like Apple’s feeling generous on the strap front.

Pet wearables are a $703 million market, with growth to come

And finally: Third-generation AirPods prototype may have just leaked

We’re well into our pets, here at Wareable – and we make no secret of it. The good news is that wearables aren’t limited to human users alone. There are any number of connected devices that your pets can wear to help you keep track of them, from collars to cameras.

It turns out that, factoring in the sheer number of beloved pets out there in the world, the market for those wearables is correspondingly pretty big. According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, the market is currently worth $703 million, a figure that it projects will rise to $1.7 billion by 2024.

Those are big numbers, and no wonder. If we can enjoy a bit of smartwatch action, isn’t it fair that our little pet pals should get in on the wearable action too?