It’s business as usual in Poland for Huawei as it has not tracked a fall in consumer sales since multiple controversies have arisen, Reuters reports.

“We don’t see slowdown in sales on Huawei equipment… but if the situation continues, at some point, it will impact our business as well,” said George Meyer, the company’s senior standards manager in Europe.

Last month, a Huawei employee working in Poland was arrested by the government on espionage charges. The company said it was ready to put in certain measures such as a cybersecurity center if the government was looking for remediation. The government is also considering blocking Huawei equipment from the nation’s 5G network roll-out.

Those issues have not deterred computer and phone sales across Europe, but suspicion in the United States has led to the government pushing its telcos and citizens to dissociate any Huawei equipment from their networks and lifestyles.

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