A new trailer for the Medium explains how the Dual Reality feature works

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Horror games are really starting to step it up, with the Medium taking full advantage of the next-gen hardware inside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to deliver an innovative gameplay feature known as Dual Reality. With Dual Reality, two realities are rendered simultaneously, with the player able to interact with and control the main character in both at once.

This feature has been very impressive in trailers, but the new mechanic prompted a lot of questions from interested players. The Medium’s latest trailer seeks to answer a few of those questions.

With Dual Reality, players will be able to explore environments in both realities at once, using interactions in one or both of the realities to solve puzzles, unlock secrets and information, and help the main character progress. The Dual Reality feature is also contextual, resizing each rendered reality to focus on what’s important. The main character’s physical body remains in the real world, while their spirit explores this other reality.

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The Medium looks like a must-have for any horror fans, and comes to Xbox Series X and S, and Windows PC’s, later this year on December 10, 2020. You can pre-order the title right now, but the Medium will also come to Xbox Game Pass on day one, which is fantastic.

Dimensions of horror

The Medium (Pre-order)

Two worlds joined in terror

The Medium is a horror game that lets players go back and forth between the physical world and the spirit world. Using this dual-reality gameplay is necessary for solving puzzles and uncovering a horrific mystery.

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