7 Surface Go keyboards that cost (much) less than Microsoft’s Type Covers

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If you’re using a Surface Go without a keyboard, you’re missing out big time. While Surface Go is a decent tablet, Windows 10’s tablet mode, well, kind of sucks. So the Surface Go’s true value is as an ultra-portable laptop that runs full Windows 10. To get the most from your Go, you need a quality keyboard. Thankfully, you’d don’t have to pay $130 for Microsoft’s official Surface Go Signature Type Cover because there are plenty of quality third-party options.

If we had to pick just one

You really do need a good keyboard if you want to maximize the value of your Surface Go. But you don’t have to pay Microsoft’s prices.

Our best overall pick is Fintie’s backlit Surface Go keyboard because it offers the best combination of features and value, and it’s is literally less than half the price of Microsoft’s official Surface Go Signature Type Cover. Really, the only thing missing from Fintie’s option when compared to Microsoft’s is the Alcantara fabric.

The best keyboard and case combination featured here is from COO, and it provides a good balance of features and protection, as well as a bit of style, thanks to its available color options, which include black, blue and brown. And at just $43, your wallet will be left relatively unscathed as well.

If money is your single concern here, the most affordable Surface Go keyboard in our roundup is Arteck’s Surface Go keyboard. At just $35, it’s cheaper than any of the other keyboards we featured and recommend, and it offers much of the same functionality.

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