In what I see as a signal of the importance of augmented reality (AR) to the company, Apple has put one of its most highly experienced executives, Frank Casanova, in command of AR product marketing.

Enabling the AR tidal wave

Apple’s senior director of worldwide product marketing, Casanova led iPhone marketing for the original 2007 launch.

He was also one of those who evangelized Apple’s pioneering QuickTime multimedia standard – given that QuickTime arguably helped Apple transform itself into a streaming media powerhouse, what lessons can he bring to Apple’s AR teams?

I imagine he may see AR adoption as a little like the explosion of 3G services. In the early days, when the US was still coming to terms with cellphones, Japan was already embracing fully digital experiences.

That was certainly the case when in 2003, he told me: “If the Japanese market is any example of what will happen, it will come across Europe like a tidal wave.”

The rest is history: The digital transformation of everyday life, work, leisure and every industry is accelerating. Here are some implications from the history of QuickTime – a standard you’ll now find inside almost every multimedia device on the planet — that may become relevant to Apple’s work with AR.