The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is now officially available for purchase in the U.S. and several markets. And just like with their previous releases, Samsung is just now making available some features they previously announced. This includes the 3D scanner which has also shown some improvements over the version that they initially showed off. The integration with Discord for gamers is also now live for your Game Launcher so you can play games and chat with your community while doing so.

The 3D scanner is probably one of the most interesting new features that Samsung has released of late and although it isn’t perfect yet, it’s still pretty cool to have. According to XDA Developers, the new version released with the Galaxy Note 10 brought some improvements and lets you scan any object or person better than the previous one. You can even get the humanoid that you scanned mimic your movements which can be creepy but also interesting.

Meanwhile, gamers who like to chat while playing games will get their Discord integration with the Galaxy Note 10. You will supposedly get a voice chat overlay no matter what game you’re playing, but apparently, it shows up “everywhere all the time” as per the XDA folks. Setting it up takes a few extra steps as all your apps need to be updated and of course, you need to enable your Game Launcher. Then you’ll get a notification to link your Discord account and you just need to follow all the other steps indicated.

The 3D scanner app is only available for the flagship phones that have TrueDepth cameras, which currently includes the Galaxy S10 5G. Meanwhile, the Discord integration will be rolling out to other Galaxy devices eventually but it might take some time reaching you. The voice chat overlay will, of course, only be for Samsung devices.

Samsung is hoping that things like this will entice people to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 10. While they’re seeing record numbers in terms of pre-orders in its own South Korea, we have yet to see the numbers elsewhere.