​Withings launches new ScanWatch with ECG and advanced heart features

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Withings has launched the ScanWatch at CES 2020, with the headline feature the ability to run ECG and detect conditions such as heart arrhythmia and sleep apnea.


The ScanWatch is the latest version of its health-focussed analogue smartwatch – and it’s easily the most advanced. It comes in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm – and boasts a 30 day battery life.

The ScanWatch still features the PMOLED digital display embedded into the dial, which has the ability to show health data – and it’s this display that will alert users to possible heart beat or sleep issues. Withings says it’s been increased in size, although it still doesn’t seem like it can display that much information.

Like the Apple Watch Series 5 the ECG is taken by touching the case – this time by placing fingers either side of the case.


The test takes 30 minutes and can be done anytime. However, the device will also monitor heart rate live via the optical sensor, and keep tabs on heart rate rhythm and regularity. If there are anomalies detected then it will prompt the wearer to take an ECG test using the screen. Results are stored in the iPhone app and can be shared with your doctor.

Withings launches new ScanWatch with ECG and advanced heart features

It has been upgraded to include an SpO2 sensor, which can detect oxygen in the blood. This data can be applied to detect sleep apnea – which is a condition that 8/10 suffers are unaware of.

Sleep apnea has only been tackled by a handful of wearables companies – and crucially Withings has stolen a march on Fitbit, which has included an SpO2 sensor with its devices for over two years but hasn’t yet been able to leverage it with features.


And that’s not all Withings has borrowed. The ScanWatch will reveal a Sleep Score in the Health Mate app, based on the length, depth and quality of sleep. Heard that before anywhere? Likewise, the Fitness Level assessments that take a VO2 Max score from exercise, and present it in a more easily understandable manner.

And there’s a Smart Wake-up feature, which uses data on your sleep cycle to wake you in the optimal and lightest part of your slumber.

Withings is still waiting on CE and FDA-clearance for the ScanWatch, so its launch is expected in Q2.

What’s more certain is price: The 42mm is $299, while you can grab a 38mm for $249 represents good value – more expensive than a Versa 2 which still doesn’t have sleep apnea enabled and has no ECG capability.

It vastly undercuts the Apple Watch, but let’s face it, is a totally different proposition – and will appeal to those who don’t want overt tech on the wrist.

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