​The Huawei Watch 3 with Harmony OS could land 2 June

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The rumor mill has already started turning on Huawei Watch 3, and now a new device has been spotted that looks like the company’s next smartwatch.

A new Huawei smartwatch has been given Wi-Fi certification, which means it’s a matter of when, not if, we’ll get a new device. The listing was spotted by Huaweiailesi (in Dutch) and is available publicly online (PDF).

But the listing confirmed one major detail: Huawei’s next smartwatch will run the new Harmony OS.

That will make it the first Harmony OS smartwatch, and a new direction for Huawei’s smartwatches, which have been setting global shipment stats on fire over the past year. That backs up similar rumors from Weibo in April.

Huawei Watch 3 with Harmony OS spotted –

And we have more rumors too: A Weibo account (Chinese) has reported that two Huawei smartwatches will launch alongside MatePad tablets at an event on 2 June.

The company is currently the second biggest purveyor of smartwatches globally, with incredible success in China and decent cut-through in Europe.

Huawei announced Harmony OS back in 2019, its own proprietary operating system, and talked of smartwatches running on the new software. It’s been borne out of its ban on using Android for its smartphones, as part of the on-going US trade dispute.

A big part of the idea for Harmony OS is around apps and providing a seamless experience across Huawei phones and wearables. Developers can build one app that across Huawei devices, which could entice big brands to develop a Huawei-based version of their Android or iOS app.

Huawei Watch 3 with Harmony OS spotted –

Over the past two years Huawei has focussed on the Watch GT range, but tipsters are certain this new smartwatch is the Huawei Watch 3, which is the resurrection of its Wear OS brand that was shelved in 2017.

So how do we know this isn’t the Watch GT 3? We don’t – it could be anything.

But there’s rarely smoke without fire, especially where Huawei is concerned.

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