​Realme Watch 2 is coming – all the key specs leak

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The Realme Watch 2 is rapidly approaching launch, and now key pictures and specs have all leaked online.

The new smartwatch doesn’t look like a radical departure from the original Realme Watch, which brought basic health features to a $50 price point. The company also launched the Realme Watch S, which offered a more premium design.

The Realme Watch 2 expands on the original by upping battery capacity to 305mAh, which extends longevity up to 12 days.

And sport modes have also grown exponentially, up to 90 from 14 on the original. These now include dancing and bowling, as well as staples such as running and HIIT.

Elsewhere, things haven’t changed too much.

The 1.4-inch TFT 320×320 display remains, although the case looks less boxy and the strap has been jazzed up with the Realme slogan.

It’s still destined to be Android only, supporting Android 5.0 smartphones and later.

Realme Watch

The original Realme Watch

The Realme Watch had a heart rate monitor and SpO2 sensor, and that will remain. But there doesn’t seem to be any indication that it will be upgraded to include GPS.

Pricing is unclear, but we’d expect this to replace the original Realme Watch at $50.

The $50 smartwatch market has boomed in the year since the original Realme Watch, and it seems the company will struggle to remain competitive.

The Bip U Pro offers more features and a better platform for just $10 more, as does the new Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, which has now launched globally. The new TicWatch GTH also goes further with skin temperature detection, although it also shuns GPS support.

Realme is a spin-off of Oppo (now separate) but is focused on the emerging markets of South East Asia and India, although its devices do tend to head West.

All this still isn’t official – but we will bring you confirmation when it does.

Via: GizmoChina

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