[Poll] Which Galaxy S flagship do you think was the ugliest?

Maybe the ugly word is too hard, but let’s face it, Samsung was never too interested in beautiful smartphone designs until the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge (or the Galaxy Alpha, if you want to keep that ignored phone in memory). Samsung’s smartphone designs were definitely the most functional in terms of ergonomics and handling, but they looked positively boring and lazy alongside the iPhones and the HTCs a couple of years ago.

The Galaxy S5, with the dotted texture on its back, is what many remember as the reason for Samsung finally moving on to the metal and glass design that debuted on the Galaxy S6 (anyone remember the blue S5?). But it was perhaps the “designed for humans” design of the Galaxy S III that got things going downhill. The S III was a result of Samsung trying to move away from an iPhone-like design; Samsung probably didn’t care about anything but getting Apple off its back, which was probably the reason why the S III was so visually unappealing.

The S III’s design wasn’t phased out; it was refined continuously until we got the Galaxy S7 last year. But what kept everyone so interested was the new dual-edge screen that was introduced with the Galaxy S6 edge, and now, with the Galaxy S8, Samsung is once again pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. In fact, the new S8 and S8+ are so beautiful that it got us wondering what device our readers think was the ugliest of all Galaxy S flagships.

Was it the human-friendly Galaxy S III, or the Galaxy S5 with its ergonomic yet hard-on-the-eye perforated back? Or maybe you think the S III and S5 were beautiful and it was Samsung’s iPhone-y design of the original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II that was the worst of the lot? Well, let us know your opinion by leaving a comment, and by voting in the poll below.

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