How well does Halo Wars Definitive Edition run on laptops?

For those of you lucky enough to have Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition pre-ordered, Halo Wars Definitive Edition keys should be rolling out in waves.

Halo Wars Definitive Edition is an Xbox Play Anywhere HD-remaster of the Xbox 360's Halo Wars, which was a real-time strategy game (RTS) simplified for console play. Like Halo Combat Evolved before it, Halo Wars hoped to bring RTS to an entirely new audience by placing it on a console, which was something very few games had done successfully before. Halo Wars became somewhat of a cult hit in the series, earning a legion of dedicated fans that contributed to reviving the spin-off for a sequel.

Halo Wars Definitive Edition grants the game new visuals, higher resolutions, and new effects. Best of all, it brings the Halo franchise back to PC, hot on the heels of Halo 5's Forge mode. Halo Wars DE will launch as a standalone game sometime after February 24th, but you can jump in right now by pre-ordering Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition.

We've covered Halo Wars 2 before, and we'll have more to share on this intriguing iteration in the franchise soon, but for now, let's take a look at how Halo Wars Definitive Edition UWP runs on various PCs!

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