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TWRP 3.0 launched, includes new theme, terminal emulator

TWRP_3_heroIf you’ve been tweaking your Android device for a while now, you would have already come across TWRP. This is one of the most widely used custom recoveries in the Android third-party development community and has grown in popularity and usage over the years. If you’ve flashed some custom ZIPs to your phone, chances are you’ve used TWRP. So heads up, a new version of your favorite custom recovery just dropped. TWRP is probably the most widely supported custom recovery for Android, but the fact of the matter is, it's been a while since it got a big update from its official developers. So here we get the 3.0.0 release, which brings a ton of new stuff. Most obviously, a new theme is up front, more in keeping with Android's current look. Here’s a list of what you can expect – not a complete changelog, but should tell you the main changes.
- Completely new theme - Much more modern and much nicer looking (by z31s1g) - True Terminal Emulator - Includes arrow keys, tab and tab completion, etc. (by _that)
- Language translation - It won’t be perfect and especially some languages that require large font files like Chinese & Japanese won’t be availble on most devices. Also some languages may only be partially translated at this time. Feel free to submit more translations to OmniROM’s Gerrit. (mostly by Dees_Troy)
- Flashing of sparse images - On select devices you will be able to flash some parts of factory images via the TWRP GUI (by HashBang173)
- Adopted storage support for select devices - TWRP can now decrypt adopted storage partitions from Marshmallow
- Reworked graphics to bring us more up to date with AOSP - includes support for adf and drm graphics (by Dees_Troy)
- SuperSU prompt will no longer display if a Marshmallow ROM is installed
- Update exfat, exfat fuse, dosfstools (by mdmower)
- Update AOSP base to 6.0
- A huge laundry list of other minor fixes and tweaks
Just looking at the images, we certainly like new sleeker and cleaner lines on the new look TWRP. But we do advice to take some care in using it to flash stuff – a lot of changes mean there might be incompatibilities here and there. Smart move will be to keep an older version of TWRP handy. Check the source link forr details and the download links. SOURCE: TWRP

Status update and sneak peek at the new Windows Central App for Windows 10

Ever since Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile started hitting people's PCs, tablets and phones we have been asked about an updated Windows Central application. On more than one occasion, I have been also said that we expected the app to come into the coming weeks, which stretched on longer than anticipated.

Luckily, we are finally nearing the open public beta testing period of our new app, so I figured we would give an update on the status and a quick look at what to expect!

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone snags another minor update

The Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone has received an update. However, it comes with no published change log, which likely means it has a few bug fixes and improvements for the social networking app.

Some Office 365 users accidentally got capped at 1TB of OneDrive storage

Microsoft is offering an apology to some Office 365 subscribers, who suddenly found they had a 1TB cap on their previously-unlimited OneDrive cloud storage account. As a result, those users found that some of their files were available only as read-only documents.
, Mobile Strike & Amazon Scored The Top Spots Among Tech Companies’ Super Bowl Ads

marino-baldwin-superbowl-50 A number of technology companies took to the airwaves during last night’s Super Bowl 50 broadcast to make their names – and brands – better known among a mainstream audience. However, according to new data out today from TiVo, which historically tracks viewer engagement with Super Bowl ads across its network, the only tech company to make into the list of the top 10 Super… Read More

Facebook’s Free Basics prohibited in India

Facebook's Free Basics service was dealt a severe blow by India's telecommunications regulator, which ruled on Monday that telecom service providers are prohibited from charging differently for data depending on the content or the application that the user is accessing. The move follows strong protests by civil rights groups in the country against Free Basics, which was seen by its critics as creating a "walled garden" of select free websites, including Facebook, in the name of providing uncharged Web access to the poor.

The critics were also opposed to Airtel Zero, a platform launched by mobile operator Bharti Airtel so that app developers could offer so-called zero-rating apps with no data charges  to customers after paying the operator a fee.

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Windows Store issues cause publishing delays for developers

The Windows Store is currently experiencing some issues, causing delays for developers looking to publish apps or create new in-app purchases.

Gear: Hex Brigade Messenger Bag and DSLR Camera Gear Bag

                Hex has recently introduced a number of new bags, including its Brigade Messenger Bag ($90) and DSLR Camera Gear Bag ($175). Brigade Messenger Bag is an affordable bag with a woven cotton exterior that’s been treated for water resistance. A front flap and two clasps keep the bag shut, ensuring the many included compartments are kept safe, dry, and secure. While Brigade Messenger Bag could be a travel option for a variety of travelers and commuters,…<div class="feedflare">

Kingston buys encrypted flash drive maker IronKey

Kingston Technology today announced it has acquired the USB technology and assets of IronKey from Imation Corp. Imation, which purchased the then privately-held IronKey in 2011, did not disclose the financial details of the sale to Kingston.

IronKey is perhaps best known for its highly secure USB flash drives, which use 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to secure data and a stainless steel case with no seams so it cannot be pried open.

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Xcode 7.3 beta 3 est disponible

Tout doucement, Apple vient d'envoyer une petite mise à jour de Xcode, nommée "Xcode 7.3 beta 3". Cette build 7D141l, plus que jamais destinée aux développeurs, comprend Xcode IDE, Swift 2 compiler, Instruments, Simulator, et les plus récents SDK beta pour OS X, iOS, tvOS et watchOS. Il suffit de partir vers votre compte développeur préféré...

Plague Inc adds Simian Flu for Windows Phone, Xbox One version supports custom scenarios

Fans of Ndemic Creations' infectious disease strategy game Plague Inc can download a recent update for the Windows Phone version that adds the Simian Flu from the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Also, the Xbox One version of the game can now support custom scenarios made by fans.

Instagram Finally Makes It Easy To Use Multiple Accounts

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.49.07 PM …and Social Media Managers everywhere rejoice! Read More

Le peer to peer fait son entrée sur Hangouts

Fin des MMS et des SMS sur Hangouts ?La firme de Mountain View vient de prendre une décision importante concernant le service de messagerie en ligne Hangouts en intégrant le P2P.

Google Play showing app and game videos on main screen

ap_resizeWith the millions of apps out there in the Google Play Store, discoverability is always a key issue for developers an app makers. Google has been experimenting with various ways to help promote and push app downloads, whether for free or paid apps. They have to find the fine balance between getting these apps discovered and also not annoying users. One of the things that they seem to be playing around with is putting videos promoting selected apps on the main page of the Google Play Store. Not everyone sees these videos for now, so it looks like it’s still in the experimental stages. But some users have reported seeing app videos in the main page layout, which you cannot avoid seeing if you’re browsing through the Google Play Store. It’s mixed in with the thumbnail apps on the main page and has a “Check out this video” before it to differentiate it from the categorized apps you normally see. It also promotes both free and paid apps. One of the recent tweaks that Google has also brought to the Play Store is that you can now thumbs up an app or game if you want to give it a positive review. And as we all know, giving a good rating to an app also increases its discoverability as well. The thumbs up option is a good way for those who are too lazy to write a review to at least still contribute something to the app, especially if it’s a free one. Now we don’t know if the videos mixed in with the app categories in the main page will be a permanent thing, but as always, let’s adapt a wait and see attitude before we start complaining to death. VIA: Android Police

Users await possible Twitter feed change

Twitter users are waiting to see what changes, if any, will hit their feed this week. BuzzFeed reported Friday that a "brand new Twitter" is on the way, with the social network getting ready to launch an algorithm that will reorder the way users see tweets on their feeds. Users would see tweets based on what the company's algorithm thinks they want to see, instead of in the usual reverse chronological order.

BuzzFeed noted that it wasn't clear if this will be an option for users or if the algorithm will be forced on everyone.

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Latest Sprint promo offers $200 off the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5

Given that the Galaxy S7 will be arriving in the near future it’s understandable that carriers would want to move as much inventory of the current flagship as they possibly can. No wonder Sprint’s latest promo is offering $200 off the Galaxy S6, this promo also applies to the Galaxy Note 5. All new and existing customers can avail this offer and get $200 credit against purchase or lease of the aforementioned handsets provided they trade-in their existing smartphone. The smartphone that’s going to be traded in has to be in working condition and the customer must own that device, it can’t be leased. Existing Sprint subscribers who want to take advantage of this promo have to be eligible for an upgrade. Once the $200 value is applied the 32GB Galaxy S6 costs $9.75 per month to lease and the Galaxy Note 5 just $16.67 per month. The offer is available via Sprint retail stores and runs through March 3, 2016. Source

Proof that Mobile Payments Are Growing: A Super Bowl SNAFU

A mobile payment problem that occurred during the Super Bowl demonstrated significant usage.

Sen. Blumenthal demands lifting of IT ‘gag’ order

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the layoff and replacement of IT workers at a state energy utility. Approximately 200 IT workers at Northeast Utilities (now called Eversource Energy) lost their jobs in 2014. It happened after the firm brought in two India-based IT services firms. Some of the IT workers reported training foreign replacements. The IT firms, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, are major users of H-1B visa workers. This incident might have faded away by now, but new details gave rise to Blumenthal's letter.

Although it has been long known that the utility's severance included a non-disparagement clause, the specific wording has never been public until Computerworld published it last week. This clause bars discussion "that would tend to disparage or discredit" the utility [emphasis added].

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Improving Business Productivity Through PDF Technology

PDF done right can touch every employee, while bringing a host of productivity and collaboration benefits to bear.

Free Basics And Facebook’s Waterloo In India

13968007417_a3313a4c02_k The project was ill-conceived and showed a lack of understanding of India’s culture and values. Mark Zuckerberg surely had good intentions in wanting to provide Internet access to hundreds of millions of people who lack access. But he went about it in the wrong way. Read More

Microsoft previews enterprise-grade setting sync in Windows 10

Microsoft last week announced that a public preview of the enterprise-specific synchronization of settings, apps and passwords between devices running Windows 10, first touted nine months ago, is now available. Dubbed "Enterprise State Roaming," the capability is tied to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Premium, the commercial cloud-based directory and identity management service. Azure AD is, at the most basic, an in-the-cloud replacement for on-premises Windows Server-based Active Directory.

Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) was first mentioned by Microsoft in May 2015 when it trumpeted several Windows 10-specific functions powered by Azure AD, including self-provisioning, single sign-on and a corporate-oriented Windows app marketplace.

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Instagram officialise le multi-compte

Après les rumeurs latentes, Instagram confirme ce soir l'arrivée du multi-compte sur son application mobile. Disponible sur iOs et Android, les utilisateurs ont désormais la possibilité de changer rapidement et facilement de comptes sur Instagram.Pour en profiter, il faut installer la version 7.15. On peut ensuite ajouter jusqu’à 5 comptes en simul...

GPS Radar will let you use your Apple Watch to check-in to New York Fashion Week

Attendees at this year's New York Fashion Week will be able to check-in to various shows using only their Apple Watches. Starting with the Tommy Hilfiger show on February 15, all you'll need to do to get inside is use the GPS Radar app on your Apple Watch, negating the need for physical invitations.

According to Fashionista, the app will be able to check you in to any Fashion Week show.

Hilfiger — which has in recent seasons added a number of tech-related components to its shows to generate buzz, from Lytro cameras to a photo pit for Instagrammers — is serving as the official launch partner. But anyone checking into a NYFW show via GPS Radar (i.e., most of them) will be able to use their Watches to get in. The same will go for attendees at London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, though the system is less widely used in those cities.

Those using GPS Radar will also be able to take advantage of a special "fast lane," allowing them to enter the shows more quickly. GPS Radar, formerly known as Fashion GPS, was already the primary way to distribute show and party invites for Fashion Week, and its recent update makes it even more convenient.

You'll find Apple Watch support in the app's latest update, available now on the App Store.

Source: Fashionista

Instagram now lets you switch between multiple accounts

For Instagram users with more than one account, life has just gotten a lot easier.

On Monday, Instagram released a new feature to allow switching between multiple accounts on its iOS and Android apps. Instagram had started testing account-switching for iOS users last week, according to TechCrunch. Back in November, Instagram tested this feature for Android users.

instagram app login

Instagram users who updated to version 7.15 of the app will find an “Add Account” option in the app’s settings. Once you add a second account, you’ll be able to switch to it quickly by selecting it from a new menu at the top of your profile page. Whenever you get a push notification, you’ll also be able to see from which Instagram account.

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No Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ for Europe, just the Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge+We're still betting on the idea that Samsung will be release not just one or two Galaxy S7 but three: the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and the Galaxy S7 edge+. We're excited to know how the new premium flagship phones will look like although we're not expecting them to look far from the past models. The possibility of the S7 Edge+ is not clear but we've been hearing a lot of information that there are more variants in the works. The "more" part could be true but the question now is if they will be unveiled all at the same time. Now we've got news that the South Korean tech giant has no plans to launch the S7 Edge+ at all. Nope, not anywhere in the whole world but only in Europe. It's nothing final yet but rumor has it that Samsung will bring the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 instead after not offering the Galaxy Note 5. This should be great news to those people disappointed that the Note 5 didn't arrive officially in the region. It was reported to arrive this 2016 but it looks like it will be the Note 6 instead. If that's the case, we have to wait for summer before the next phablet is introduced. That or the Note 6 would also be unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event in February 21. That's just more like a wishful thinking but who knows what Samsung has in store for us? The Note 6 will definitely be welcomed by the Europeans with open arms because aside from the Note 5's no-show last year, the new Note 6 will be better than ever. Technically, it will be a big jump from the Note 4 to the Note 6. As for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the two will definitely make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Galaxy 7 is said to be released in the European market starting March 11. The Galaxy S7 edge+ sits between the S7, S7 edge, and Note 6. We're crossing our fingers that this Galaxy S7 edge+ will still be available in South Korea and United States. If it won't be available in Europe, perhaps Samsung is just being careful in releasing more units especially now that numbers are not that great. No confirmation on all our speculations yet so we'll just wait and see. VIA: Tech Radar


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