Do Gunnar PC glasses really protect your eyesight? Here’s a four-year eyes-on review

Gunnar glasses are specially designed glasses for use with a screen, be it the TV, a smartphone, or a PC. After wearing a pair for more than four years, how have they helped my eyesight?

I ordered a pair of Gunnar optics back in 2013 in hope that shielding my eyes somewhat would help alleviate the problem of dry and tired eyes and blurred vision from heavy computer use. While they were a pricey investment on a hunch and some light research, I'm still using them to this day and swear by them to protect my eyes against the strain.

Using the PC for more than 10 hours each and every day (alongside a smartphone, tablet, console and TV) will certainly take its toll on anyone's vision, but when you need to hop in the car and remain safe behind the wheel I found it important to try something new in reducing the issues that come with prolonged stares at a screen.

Though I have been using the Gunnar glasses, I've also been ensuring that I take 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes to look at something that isn't a few feet away. This is something I'd recommend everyone do, as the different focal points help eyesight to be

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