Google+ rolls out Topics feature to populate your home stream

If you’ve stubbornly refused to give up on Google+ and refuse to still go on Facebook or some other more popular social network, it may sometimes feel a little lonely over there on your stream. But just like you, Google seems to be sticking with it, despite the response being a bit tepid the past […]

Huawei, Google create a high-powered single board computer for Android

The Raspberry Pi is very popular with DIY enthusiasts because of the seemingly endless possibilities of how you can design devices with it. Huawei and Google have created their own single board computer (SBC), but this will probably benefit Android developers more than DIY enthusiasts. The HiKey 960 is a very robust SBC aimed at […]

A DIY ‘clear back’ Samsung Galaxy S8 is absolutely doable

Remember the days when you had clear pagers where you can see the guts of the device from the outside? Well, the concept is still cool, and it has been done with other smartphones before – but those are not the current Samsung flagship. Now our favorite device YouTube tester has shown us that if […]

Google Classroom now lets you create your own classes

Just last month, Google opened its Classroom service, allowing those who do not have G Suite for Education accounts to still join and even teach classes, manage assignments and collaborate with other teachers and students. Now they’re going one step further by allowing anyone with a Google account to create classes and invite people to […]

Experience endless death and destruction in Neon Chrome

You will never run out of action games to try on the Play Store but only a few will capture a gamer’s heart. Neon Chrome is one of those that offers a lot of action and adventure in an endless journey where you are required to do a lot of fighting in a constant battle […]

City Mania: Town Building Game now available for Android

There are a whole lot of town building games available for mobile devices, for those who would prefer to create towns and communities, rather than go on RPG adventures. One of the new kids on the block is called City Mania: Town Building Game, which has all the usual features that you can enjoy from […]

‘Star Wars: Puzzle Droids’ lets you journey with BB-8 on a galaxy far, far away

The Star Wars franchise is getting another mobile game that will make the real geeks playing for hours. That is, if you find match-3 puzzles still exciting. There are thousands of puzzle games of this kind and but we’re certain that seeing your favorite droids will put a smile on your face. And yes, this […]

These headphones cost less but still provide a better listening experience [DEALS]

Looking for a new set of cans? Enjoy exceptional sound, superior portability, and the ultimate in convenience with a set of u-Jays Wireless On-Ear Headphones, discounted for a limited time at Android Community Deals. u-Jays Wireless On-Ear Headphones check off all the boxes. They provide all the sound quality and features you’d expect to find […]

Astro helps you manager your email inbox clutter with AI

You’ve probably read a lot of articles and listicles that tell you how to keep your email inbox to zero. There have even been email apps that will help you manage that as well. But if you still find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the solicited and unsolicited emails that go to your inbox every […]

Turn Galaxy S7’s fingerprint sensor into a capacitive home button

The fingerprint on your smartphone is useful when it comes to security. It’s easier and quicker to unlock the phone once your fingerprints are saved and recognized by the device. It serves a number of purposes but some people want to use it in a different way. With some adjustments on the phone’s setting, the […]