Best ultrawide monitors that help you get more done

Ultrawide monitors are ideal purchases should you be after something a little more than a single display, but do not wish to fork out on and have the hassle in setting up two or more monitors. Ultrawide screens generally sport resolutions that cover two or more displays with an aspect ratio of around 21:9. We take a look at why they're worth considering and a few options should you be interested in picking one up.

Updated for March 2017: Nothing has been altered in our second look at ultrawide monitors available on the market. We still stand by these offerings.

Why go ultrawide?

So why should you choose ultrawide over a single or multiple monitor setup? As touched on above, these wide load screens offer an immense amount of real estate without the need for multiple monitor purchases, configuring Windows with said setup and having to put up with a gap between the two instances. An ultrawide screen allows you to see a great amount of content on a single unit.

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