Build train tracks for lazy aliens in Cosmic Express

We’ve had this idea in our heads that aliens are pretty advanced and sophisticated, almost like superheroes and that they can either fly or project themselves into another place or something like that. But in this game called Cosmic Express, apparently they are just lazy creatures that can’t be bothered to walk to short distances. […]

Google makes changes to streamline Hangouts, Gmail

The portfolio of Google products is wide and vast, but can also sometimes be a little confusing as they overlap and cut across each other’s functions. At the recent Google Cloud Next, they made some announcements as to the future of Gmail and Hangouts for businesses and G Suite users. As part of those changes, […]

Samsung will start disabling battery charge on unsurrendered Galaxy Note 7

If you’re part of the 3% of Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea that have not returned their devices to Samsung, you probably will finally stop using the phablet later this month. The OEM has announced that in a software update to be released later this month, the users will not be able to […]

Instagram brings screen over “sensitive” posts, 2-factor authentication

While Instagram is probably one of the most vibrant communities in the world of social media, there have also been a lot of problems when it comes to online bullying, cyber stalking, and even just the simple art of commenting (there are a lot of mean people out there). The brand has made a conscious […]

Facebook Messenger rolls out message reactions, mentions

We’ve seen the beta tests going around, but now it’s time for the official announcement from Facebook itself. If you’ve enjoyed the various reaction emojis you could do on the main app, you will now be able to do the same on your conversations in the Messenger. The like or thumbs up is not enough […]

Twitter may be releasing a premium subscription service soon

As Twitter continues to look for the next big thing that will get them back in the game, they are also looking for ways to monetize their services to keep investors happy. Some users have reported receiving a survey, asking for their opinion on a possible paid subscription service that they may be launching soon. […]

Wells Fargo launches cardless ATM transactions across the country

They’ve been testing it out in select locations for months but America’s third-largest bank, Wells Fargo, has officially announced that all of its cash machines around the country are now ready to accept cardless ATM transactions. Customers will now just need their smartphones, the mobile banking app on their device, a unique 8 digit code, […]

Walmart’s Vudu now lets you “convert” your DVDs, discs to digital version

If you’ve been thinking about decluttering and getting rid of all your DVDs and Blu-Ray discs still hanging around your house, you will now be able to convert them into digital copies (if you haven’t already yet). But of course, like with a lot of things now, there are several catches. You need to have […]

Misfit Vapor will be running on Android Wear 2.0

At the Consumer Electronic Show last January, Misfit introduced their first touchscreen smartwatch with a wearable called Vapor. Now two months later, they’ve given us more details about the device, and probably the most important fact is that it will be running on Android Wear 2.0, the platform’s latest major update. They still haven’t said […]

FreedomPop introduces new $5, 1GB data prepaid plan

If you’re the type of person who consumes as little data as possible (although how you do that is probably a mystery), then you will probably be looking for the most minimal mobile plan that you can get, which offers the barest features as well. Wireless internet and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) FreedomPop is […]