Google+ rolls out Topics feature to populate your home stream

If you’ve stubbornly refused to give up on Google+ and refuse to still go on Facebook or some other more popular social network, it may sometimes feel a little lonely over there on your stream. But just like you, Google seems to be sticking with it, despite the response being a bit tepid the past […]

Google Classroom now lets you create your own classes

Just last month, Google opened its Classroom service, allowing those who do not have G Suite for Education accounts to still join and even teach classes, manage assignments and collaborate with other teachers and students. Now they’re going one step further by allowing anyone with a Google account to create classes and invite people to […]

City Mania: Town Building Game now available for Android

There are a whole lot of town building games available for mobile devices, for those who would prefer to create towns and communities, rather than go on RPG adventures. One of the new kids on the block is called City Mania: Town Building Game, which has all the usual features that you can enjoy from […]

Astro helps you manager your email inbox clutter with AI

You’ve probably read a lot of articles and listicles that tell you how to keep your email inbox to zero. There have even been email apps that will help you manage that as well. But if you still find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the solicited and unsolicited emails that go to your inbox every […]

Messenger Lite expands to 150 more countries

Facebook has been trying to brings its various apps to as many people as possible, even those who don’t have decent Internet connection or newer devices. They have introduced offline updating and Lite versions for several apps, and this includes Messenger Lite, which, as you guessed, is a low-bandwidth version of their popular messaging app. […]

Huawei is top smartphone in China for 2017 Q1

Huawei is back at the top of its game, at least when it comes to the Chinese market. For the first quarter of 2017, it has regained the top spot in its native country, moving past one of its many arch-rivals, Oppo. The good news for Chinese OEMs is that the top 3 brands, all […]

Google Trips brings manual update, bus/train reservations, sharing option

As more and more people get into the groove of traveling, whether it’s for business or for pleasure, apps that cater to this market will continue to evolve. Google Trips was launched last year for the purpose of making it easier to manage and keep track of your reservations and itinerary in just one place […]

Fast-paced RPG Castle Battles now available on Android

If you like your RPG with a little more speed rather than the slower and more thoughtful ones, game developer Light Arc Studio brings Castle Battles for your Android device. The action packed games are actually measured more in minutes rather than hours so it takes a special kind of talent to actually learn and […]

Samsung launches In-Traffic Reply app in beta mode

When you’re driving a car or riding your bike, ideally you should not be distracted by any of your gadgets. However, in a world where the pressure to reply and respond to calls and messages is already part of people’s daily lives, that rarely happens. Samsung has come up with a new app called In-Traffic […]

Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game is just like any match-3 puzzler

If you’re a huge fan of critically-acclaimed animated series Family Guy and you love playing match-3 games, then this new game is particularly made for you. But if you were looking for something that best represented the humor of the long-running series translated into a mobile game format, then you will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, […]