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Samsung outs patches that will allow pre-installed apps to be deleted

After the Shanghai commission filed a case against Samsung and Oppo, the South Korean giant has finally responded by distributing a new program that will allow pre-installed apps in mobile devices … Continue reading

Silent Circle outs next-gen Blackphone 2 with Android for Work program

Silent Circle recently introduced the Blackphone 2 which we first saw at the MWC 2015, a privacy-first smartphone that the company will releasing with the Android for Work program. With its … Continue reading

Microsoft scores with free Windows 10 upgrade as downloads tally 10x Windows 8’s first-day sales

New Google Glass already being used in some industries

The first Google Glass project may be dead but that doesn’t mean the Internet giant has stopped working on the next iteration of the pair. Several major changes have been … Continue reading

Wi-Fi sensibility: Not really risky, but not really needed

Windows 10—bear with me—has shipped, but this column isn’t about the new operating system, which has received generally positive reviews from our friends at PCWorld and elsewhere. Rather, it’s about a feature that started receiving attention a few weeks before release and more on the ship date: Wi-Fi Sense.

Wi-Fi Sense allows Windows 10 users to connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks, as well as to share access to Wi-Fi networks for which they have passwords. The former isn’t controversial at all: iOS allows carriers to set up automatic connections to networks they run or partner with as of several releases ago. Many apps for mobile devices and computers also allow this.

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It’s SysAdmin Day: Let us celebrate with coffee

Review: PhotoFast i-FlashDrive MAX

Even with the ever-increasing capacity of Apple’s iOS devices there’s always a case to be made for needing extra storage, creating a market for Lightning-equipped external storage devices that allow users to offload and carry around additional media and other files without cluttering up their device. i-FlashDrive MAX ($60-$160) is the latest entry in this category, similar in concept to the Leef iBRIDGE that we looked at earlier this year. Claiming to be the “world’s smallest iOS FlashDrive”, i-FlashDrive MAX eschews some of the aesthetics found in other solutions to provide a compact but highly portable solution for keeping your extra files handy on the go. The device is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities with USB 3.0 ($80/$100/$130/$160), while a slower USB 2.0 model is available in 32GB and 64GB capacities ($60/$70). We reviewed the USB 3.0 32GB model.{/exp:char_limit}

ISP argues net neutrality rules violate its right to block content

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules violate the free speech rights of broadband providers because the regulations take away their ability to block Web traffic they disagree with, one ISP has argued.

Former Hacking Team developer reportedly in contact with a terrorist group

An individual who did work for Hacking Team was in contact with hackers working for a terrorist organization, and disgruntled employees — who deny the charge — were planning to sell an antidote to the spyware vendor’s surveillance software, an Italia…

Challenge your brain and fingers with Shibuya Grandmaster

There are games that when you first see and play them, you instinctively know how to play them, either because the mechanics are so familiar, or there are tons of … Continue reading

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