La nouvelle Model S de Tesla plus rapide qu’une Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Hier soir, Elon Musk a dévoilé sa nouvelle Model S équipée d’une batterie de 100 kWh. Cette dernière peut -sur le papier- parcourir jusqu’à 500Km entre deux recharges. Plus impressionnant encore, elle abat le 0 à 100 en moins de 2,5 secondes, un record pour une voiture électrique ! En départ arrêté, elle dépasse ainsi les Ferrari 488 GTB, Californi…

Planche #359 – “J’ai créé ma startup iOS en Californie” par Laurel

Voici la 359e partie de notre BD créée par Laurel et, pour ceux qui ont manqué le début, vous pouvez retrouver l’intégralité de ce qui a déjà été publié en suivant ce lien.(Vous pouvez zoomer sur les images en cliquant simplement dessus)La suite… bientôt…

Spotify dans la tourmente avec les maisons de disque

Spotify prépare son introduction en bourse, mais pour cela, la firme doit absolument être rentable. Problème, Apple Music est passée par là, et la firme de Cupertino propose à l’industrie musicale un pourcentage bien plus élevé (58%) que Spotify, qui ne reverserait que 55% de ses revenus. Ce dernier aimerait abaisser ce chiffre à 50% pour arrêter d…

Samsung pushes out August security update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in the United States

Following its rollout for the Galaxy Note 4 in Europe yesterday, Samsung has today started distributing this month’s security update to all unlocked variants of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge located in the United States. As noted in the official changelog, this upgrade is primarily aimed at addressing an issue that results in malware being […]

Réalité virtuelle : Google se prépare à lancer sa plateforme Daydream

La firme californienne serait en train de dépenser des “centaines de milliers de dollars” dans des contenus de réalité virtuelle qu’il pourra proposer au moment du lancement de sa plateforme Daydream qui devrait intervenir “dans les prochaines semaines”.

Official DragonCon 2016 Windows Phone app will help you keep track of its events

Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile smartphone owners who are also planning to attend the massive DragonCon fantasy and science fiction event in Atlanta on September 2-5 will get some extra help. The official app for the convention is now available to download from the Windows Store.

Vesper is being discontinued and here’s why…


Vesper, the notes app by Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber, will be shutting down in the very near future. The reason, when you cut to it, is simple: Vesper didn’t make enough money to support it’s ongoing development.

Brent Simmons, writing at inessential:

We at Q Branch just released the final version of Vesper. It does one crucial thing: it allows you to export your notes and pictures. See the new Export section in the sidebar.

Sync will be turned off Aug. 30 at 8pm Pacific. We’ll destroy all the data, and neither we nor anyone else will be able to recover it.

The app will be removed from the App Store on Sep. 15. Until then, starting now, it’s free — since you can’t create new sync accounts, and it wouldn’t be fair to charge new users if they can’t sync.

John Gruber, writing on Daring Fireball:

iOS 7, in addition to looking all-new, introduced new architectural features like size classes. In the pre-iOS 7 era, building an iPad app was like…

The 48 startups that launched at Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 2

yc-all-demo-day The world’s most prestigious startup school launched 48 companies today at part 2 of its Summer 2016 Demo Day. Nanoparticle analytics and delivery robots were amongst the products revealed in the B2B, biotech, enterprise, edtech, fintech, and hardware verticals. You can check out our write-ups of all 44 startups that launched yesterday, and TechCrunch’s picks for the top 7 from… Read More

Samsung Gear VR gets two new games, Wands and Smashing the Battle

CqSWRpjXgAAc9aBThe number of games that are available for the Samsung Gear VR may not be that many yet, but the more new users that get the virtual reality headset, the more new ones will probably be developed and added. For now, you get to welcome two new games to the fold: Wands and Smashing the …

Listen to the premiere of TCBC, a new podcast from TechCrunch

tcbc-draft5c TechCrunch has a new podcast, and it’s TCBC, a show where I speak to a different writer on staff each week about their beat, the stories they’re following, and the tech news that’s most important to them right now. It’s something new we’re trying, and hopefully it helps bring home the stories we cover here at TechCrunch, giving you additional context that can be… Read More

Project Scorpio may require some form of emulation to run your Xbox One games

A job listing on the Microsoft website seems to hint that Project Scorpio will require some form of emulation to run Xbox One games.

Microsoft is seeking a Senior Software Engineer to work with the team that created the fabled Xbox One backward compatibility emulator, that allows us to play an expanding library of Xbox 360 games on our consoles. Interestingly, the same job listing states that the team will be working on bringing “Xbox One games to Project Scorpio,” implying that Project Scorpio won’t run Xbox One games natively. …

ITC Judge Rules Fitbit Did Not Steal Jawbone’s Trade Secrets

fitbit surgePrior to smartwatches becoming so popular, Fitbit and Jawbone were some of the more prominent brands around when it came to wearables, although from what we can tell, Fitbit has clearly pulled ahead of the competition since. That being said, Jawbone is probably one of Fitbit’s more close competitors, which is why it wasn’t surprising to learn that Jawbone had sued Fitbit over alleged theft of its trade secrets.

However it looks like Fitbit is in the clear, at least for now, as ITC Judge Dee Lord has ruled in their favor. According to Reuters, the judge ruled that Fitbit did not violate the Tariff Act because  “no party has been shown to have misappropriated any trade secret,” meaning that it looks like Fitbit has been cleared of any wrongdoing, at least as far as allegedly stealing trade secrets from Jawbone is concerned.

In a statement made by Fitbit’s CEO James Park, “From the outset of this litigation, we have maintained that Jawbone’s allegations were utterly without merit and nothing more than a desperate attempt by Jawbone to disrupt Fitbit’s momentum to compensate for their own lack of success in the market.” Unsurprisingly, Jawbone isn’t thrilled by the results and will be seeking review of the ruling and is still planning a broader case against Fitbit in California’s state court.

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Android 7.0 (Sort Of) Helps Android Users Port Data Over From iOS

Image credit - 9to5Google

Image credit – 9to5Google

Last we checked, iOS and Android were still the dominant mobile operating systems, which is why it isn’t surprising to see both companies try to poach users from each other’s platforms. In fact just last year, Apple released an app for Android that would basically make switching to iOS a piece of cake.

Now it looks like Google has responded in kind, sort of. As you might have heard, Android 7.0 Nougat has been released, and it has been noticed that during the setup process, Google has offered users some helpful tips on how to bring their data over from their iOS devices onto their Android phones or tablets.

Unfortunately this isn’t so much a tool but more of a tooltip, in which the instructions will point users towards the Android website that they can launch on their iPhones or iPads and just follow the instructions. We would have much preferred an app which would be more efficient, but we guess this should do just fine.

We should note that methods to bring data to and from iOS and Android devices aren’t new and have existed for a while, but it certainly looks like Google is stepping up their efforts in trying to poach iOS users over onto their side.

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New Canon EOS M Camera Could Be Launched By End Of 2016

EOS M3 EF-M18-55STM FSLThe last time we saw Canon release a mirrorless camera was back in 2015 with the Canon EOS M3. So now that we’re in 2016, does that mean we can expect a new mirrorless from Canon? According to the folks at Canon Rumors, the answer is yes, and that we will most likely be seeing it by the end of the year.

According to the report, the camera will be the successor to the EOS M3 of 2015, which we guess isn’t a surprise. However it seems that Canon will be taking a page out of Samsung’s book and will be skipping one generation, meaning that instead of the EOS M4, it will apparently be called the EOS M5. We don’t know why they did that, but maybe it will be different enough to warrant skipping a generation.

The report goes on to add that in terms of ergonomics, there won’t be any major changes meaning that for the most part, the design should remain relatively the same. It will also be adopting an APS-C sensor, and it will apparently be a bit more up market compared to the EOS M3.

Other than that, not much else is known about the camera, like will it support 4K video recording, are there any changes made to its display, and so on, so for now it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt, but check back in the coming weeks where hopefully more details will be revealed.

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Meizu M96 phone spotted on AnTuTu with Exynos chip, QHD resolution

MEIZU M96Meizu is anticipated to roll out a new flagship smartphone. It may not be an expensive model but it’s expected to be another bestseller. We noted last week it could be the Meizu Pro 7 based on renders but now we’re learning that the device could also be called the M96. We were earlier teased …

Minecraft Xbox and PlayStation Update news

Read here: Minecraft Xbox and PlayStation Update news

The last updates for the console versions of Minecraft were released at the end of July and Mojang has been silent so far about more updates for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. Update 1.31 released the Battle Map Pack 2, added the Redstone Specialists Skin Pack and also fixed various bugs that […]

Source: Neurogadget

DJI Launches Drone Training Arena In Korea

dji drone arenaEver wanted to get your hands on a drone but you’re intimidated by how it looks and how it operates? We suppose that is an understandable concern, especially if you are planning on dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a drone that you’d rather not crash if you can help it.

Sure, you could always learn on your own, but it seems that DJI wants to make it easier. The company has announced that they have launched a drone flying and training arena in South Korea which as you might have guessed, is basically a facility that will teach drone owners how to use their drones properly, as well as improve their aerial navigation skills.

As you can see in the photo above, there are various obstacles that drone owners can fly their drones through, which we can only assume is to help teach them how to control their drones better, especially if they are planning on using it in an urban environment where there might be real-life obstacles like buildings, trees, telephone poles, and whatnot in the way.

According to DJI Korea Country Manager Moon Tae-hyun, “The opening of the DJI Arena is our commitment to the development of the local UAV market. There is huge potential in how UAV technologies can change the way people see the world and create positive impact to people’s lives. Our goal is to make aerial technology more accessible, reliable and easier to use for anyone who wants to use it.”

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Should You Buy Galaxy Note 7 Now or Wait for the iPhone 7 Plus?

Read here: Should You Buy Galaxy Note 7 Now or Wait for the iPhone 7 Plus?

The two biggest rivals in mobile devices, Samsung and Apple, are once again competing for market share, although the Korean company may have an edge, what with them releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier than the iPhone 7. But is it really a head start? Rumor has it that people are not torn between […]

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Amazon looking at cheaper music streaming service exclusive to Echo

amazon-echo-heroMost of the music streaming services available in the market (well at least the good ones) are practically priced the same, at $9.99 per month, for unlimited, ad-free streaming with option to listen offline, and other similar features. Sources are saying that Amazon is looking at launching two new music services by next month: one …

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