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Samsung and RSC bring Shakespeare to ...

While Shakespeare indeed holds up through time (well, most of his work anyway), this new generation may not be as keen to learn or appreciate his plays, sonnets, and what … Continue reading

HBO Now may already have 1 million su...

When premium cable network HBO officially unveiled its standalone over-the-top service HBO Now in March, it appeared as if the pay-TV industry’s worst nightmare had just come true. Many pundits immediately saw in it an almost unprecedented destructive potential vis-à-vis the pay-TV bundle. But has it lived up to those lofty expectations in the almost three months that it has been in operation?

If a study by BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield is anything to go by, the subscription video-on-demand offering is off to a solid start. He estimates the service has amassed more than 850,000 subscribers, a figure he arrived at using iTunes app-store sales charts.

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Google Fit gets new partners tracking...

Google Fit was updated only last May with Android Wear integration and experimental step detention. A new watch face for the wearable platform was recently added to help users track … Continue reading

SmartBand Talk update adds Google Fit...

Sony Mobile has updated the SmartBand Talk SWR30 application from build number to version This is a big update for the SmartBand Talk adding the ability to scroll content with the volume keys. Other new features includes the ability to connect to Google Fit, voice search by tapping a button for two seconds […]

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 buil...

The story “Microsoft’s new Windows 10 build brings browser improvements, UI polish and more” was missing a few words in the first paragraph and the word “build” was erroneously capitalized in the second paragraph.

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes

The story, “Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes,” posted Tuesday, included an incorrect price for the Kyvos software.

The first 24 hours of Beats 1, accord...

One of Apple Music’s key features is Beats 1, its always-on radio-like broadcast. Leading up to its launch, Apple promised that Beats 1 and its worldwide station would deliver a shared experience for all music fans—and what better place is there than Twitter to talk about shared experiences? The Twitter community did not disappoint, as users live-tweeted their impressions of Beats 1 around the clock on launch day.

Signing on with Zane Lowe

Los Angeles-based DJ Zane Lowe kicked off the broadcast at 9:00 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday—he’ll be leading the Beats 1 effort with Julie Adenuga from London and Ebro Darden from New York. “We spent the last three months trying to build this radio station, and now we can build no more,” Lowe said, shortly before pressing “play” on the first song. “Now we must launch.”

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Beats 1 vs. iTunes Radio: The good, t...

When Apple was tinkering with adding a new radio component to its just-launched music streaming service, the company opted to go for more of a BBC Radio 1 vibe than Pandora.

So naturally, Apple recruited Zane Lowe, the most popular DJ on BBC Radio 1, to be the voice of Beats 1, its 24-hour radio station curated by real people with interviews, exclusives, and even a request line. That’s right: Beats 1, a terrestrial-style radio station on the Internet, is the most significant change to Apple’s radio offerings. Sure, it’s just one radio station, but it has the hype and early ambition to make it a standout feature, even if it sometimes falls flat.

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VPN users, beware: You may not be as ...

It’s become common practice to use virtual private networks for extra privacy and security in this era of mass surveillance, but a study published this week suggests such networks may not be as safe as they’re commonly made out to be.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher receives Smart ...

Launchers are heaven-sent because they make browsing and sifting through all those Android apps easier. You know how hard it is to locate that one app you really need especially … Continue reading

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