Navigateur : Vivaldi propose un tableau de bord de votre historique de navigation

Ce navigateur web encore confidentiel se dote d’un outil de suivi et de recherche de la navigation très perfectionné. De quoi gagner du temps pour retrouver des recherches précises.

Microsoft Security Essentials, un antivirus aussi performant qu’Avast et AVG

Dans sa dernière étude, AV-Test annonce que la solution Antivirus native de Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentiels progresse. Ses prouesses lui permettent de se positionner face à d’autres solutions spécialisées comme Avast et AVG. Ce classement des meilleures solutions antivirus pour Windows 7 positionne en tête quatre solutions dont Bitdefender et Kaspersky. Nous avons également …

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Google Home and Google WiFi available in the UK starting April 6

Google Home and Google WiFi are initially available in the United States only but that is changing soon as the tech giant has just announced the arrival of the two in the United Kingdom. Finally, UK is getting the two latest efforts by Google to make the world “wired” and “connected” all the time. Both […]

5 handy things the Photos app can do with your iPhone snapshots

With its various “Moments,” “Collections,” and “Memories,” the iOS Photos app has become almost as confusing and frustrating to use as Apple Music. (Don’t get me started.)

But once you get your bearings, there are still plenty of nifty things you can do with your snapshots in Photos. From creating instant, one-tap movies and pasting shapes and captions in your pictures to publishing galleries on the web and undeleting recently trashed images, here are some tips on making the most of Photos.

Create an instant photo movie

It’s no longer enough to send friends and loved ones a photo album of your beach vacation—instead, you’re supposed to share a video message, complete with a dynamic slideshow of your snapshots, title cards, and even theme music.

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iHome iSP6 and iSP8 SmartPlug reviews: An easy entree into the smart home

The iHome SP6 and iSP8 SmartPlugs push a lot of the right buttons. First off, their horizontal oblong form factor allows another plug to fit in above or below in a conventional two-outlet fixture. You can even plug two SmartPlug units into the same fixture without a squeeze.

Second, while it has its own account-based remote access and management, allowing scheduling, it’s also ready for HomeKit for iPhone and iPad users. This offers maximum flexibility depending on which system you use and what might change for you in the future. For remote access, HomeKit requires a third- or fourth-generation Apple TV; for automation and to add access for other iOS users, the network must have an iPad or a fourth-generation Apple TV set up as a hub. The iHome also works with the Alexa, SmartThings, Wink, and Nest smart home ecosystems.

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10 millions de téléchargements pour Super Mario Run sur Android

Sorti le 22 mars dernier dans le Play Store, le jeu Super Mario Run a franchi le cap des 10 millions de téléchargements en quatre jours, un score très honorable qui reste cependant loin derrière la performance réalisée par la version iOS du jeu. Lors de son lancement sur iPhone et iPad, le célèbre plombier moustachu de Nintendo avait en effet trouv…

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