Acer Aspire E5-774G-5563 à 699€, PC portable 17″ Full Kaby Lake i5 SSD 940MX

L’Acer Aspire E5-774G-5563 est un nouvel ordinateur portable à écran 17 pouces antireflet Full HD qui s’affiche à moins de 700 euros sous Windows 10 avec une solution de stockage hybride comprenant un SSD dédié couplé à un disque dur de capacité importante, un processeur Core i5 basse consommation Kaby Lake dernière génération, un disque […]

Documents & Data: A mysterious black hole of data storage in iOS

I’ve got a 64GB iPhone SE; you know, the one that has a capacity of 55.21GB. (The old “my bits aren’t the same as your bits” marketing trick.) On my phone, I have a bunch of apps, and a fair amount of music. I’ve already mentioned how iTunes and my iPhone show different amounts of free space, and today, iTunes shows me that I have 5.34GB free, and the iPhone says 3.53GB.

But there’s also a lot of space used for Documents & Data, though I don’t know what takes up nearly 7GB. I want to free up some space on my phone to copy some videos, but it’s hard to know how to reclaim space (other than deleting music). Ignoring the infuriating inconsistency of the iTunes/iPhone free space numbers, I thought I would try to delete some Documents & Data. The problem is, I can’t find those 7GB.

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Twitter announces it’s discontinuing Vine mobile app

If you still don’t believe that there are some changes afoot in Twitter (for good or bad, we still don’t know), this latest announcement may just convince you. The micro-blogging service bought video social network Vine back in 2012, even before it actually launched, but now they’ve announced that they will be continuing the mobile […]

Add a thin case to your Lumia 640 XL for just $3.95 today!

Looking for a thin case for your Lumia 640 XL to prevent scratches and dings from making it look older? If so, check out Amzer’s Pudding TPU case. This thin case will add a bit of protection to your phone, as well as some grip, and right now you can grab one for just $3.95.

12 Touch Bar controls we can’t wait to try on the new MacBook Pro

Touch and go, in a good way

touch bar answering a call

Apple has finally revealed the next-generation MacBook Pro, giving its notebook line a much-needed refresh. Its biggest change is the Touch Bar, a contextual row at the top of the keyboard that changes depending on which software you’re using, replacing your traditional row of function keys. It’s the first time Apple has built a Mac with touchscreen capabilities, and it’s one of the most elaborate Mac features we’ve ever seen.

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