The best extensions for Microsoft Edge

What are the best Microsoft Edge extensions?

Extensions are something many Microsoft Edge users have been crying out for, in some cases their absence kept another browser in use. But Edge has a lot going for it, and finally, with extensions, there’s nothing missing anyone could claim as a “showstopper.”

In fact, what we’re going to get now is a more powerful, more functional browser for everyone. The initial selection is small, but we’ve rounded up the best ones there are right now. As the selection grows, we’ll keep this list updated to be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

IFA 2016 : Sony confirme la date de sa conférence

Comme chaque année, les grands acteurs de la téléphonie mobile vont se succéder sur les planches du Messe de Berlin pour annoncer leurs prochaines nouveautés. On y attend de grandes marques telles que Huawei, qui a déjà lancé ses invitations, mais aussi Sony. En ce qui concerne ce dernier, la date de l’évènement est désormais Lire la suite

Tesla se sépare de Mobileye pour développer son Autopilot

Grande nouvelle dans le business de la voiture autonome : un des précurseurs et des meilleurs dans le domaine, Mobileye, vient de mettre fin à sa collaboration avec le programme Autopilot de Tesla. Détails. Mobileye a toujours été le fournisseur principal de la puce EyeQ3 qui équipe les systèmes de conduite automatiques installés sur les […]

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Sony Is Dumping Its Battery Business

Sony today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell off its battery business. It has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding which confirms Sony Group’s intent to negotiate the transfer of its battery business to the Murata Group. What this basically means is that Sony is now going to hash out the finer details with Murata about the sale of its battery business before it actually dumps it.

Subject to due diligence being completed and the parties negotiating the detailed terms and conditions of this sale, both Sony and Murata are aiming to sign executive binding agreements by mid-October 2016. They hope to complete the sale by the end of March next year, subject to the necessary regulatory approvals.

It’s selling the battery business that’s run by Sony Energy Devices Corporation which is Sony’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan. The sale will include Sony’s battery manufacturing operations in China and Singapore, the assets and personnel attached to sales and R&D sites in Japan and across the globe will go to Murata as well.

The sale is not expected to include business operations related to the sale of Sony-branded USB batteries, button and coin batteries, USB batteries, and mobile projects along with some additional products.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s initiative of purging Sony of divisions that are not performing well is not a secret and this sale fits in with that vision. Sony was certainly an iconic player in the global battery market with its biggest achievement being the launch of the first ever commercialized lithium ion battery back in 1991.

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Moto Z Droid And Z Force Droid Now Available From Verizon

The new Droid handsets from Lenovo are now finally available in the United States from the nation’s largest mobile carrier. The Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid are both available from Verizon starting today. Pre-orders for the handsets started about a week ago, shipments have begun today and the handsets are now officially on sale on Verizon.

Customers have the option to pay $26 per month for 30 months or $624 upfront for the Moto Z Droid. They can pay $30 per month for 30 months or $720 upfront for the Moto Z Force Droid. Mods are also available starting today from Verizon.

The Incipio Power Pack starts at $59.99, while the cheapest Mod which is the Style Shell costs $19.99. The JBL speaker can be had for $79.99. Verizon will give customers 20 percent off on each subsequent Mod they add to the cart after the first one.

Both handsets have a 5.5 inch Quad HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood with 4GB RAM and up to 64GB storage. They don’t have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The differentiating factors between the two Droid handsets are the camera and battery.

Customers who are interested in picking up one can head over to Verizon’s website to purchase the Moto Z Droid and the Moto Z Force Droid. They will also be available from the carrier’s retail stores across the country.

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Après les posts Facebook, les messages sponsorisés sur Messenger ?

C’est un sujet régulièrement évoqué, et qui tombe à point nommé, alors que Messenger vient de franchir le cap du milliard d’utilisateurs et que Facebook vient d’annoncer des très bons résultats pour le deuxième trimestre 2016, avec 6,436 milliards de dollars engrangés (+59 % en un an), en grande partie grâce à la publicité. Outre Lire la suite

Verizon brings minor updates to LG V10 and LG G5

LG V10 02In a digital world where you expect new things every 10 minutes or so, an update is still an update, no matter if it’s minor. Verizon is bringing a minor software update to two LG smartphones: the LG V10 and the LG G5. While you probably cannot expect your devices to get life-changing updates, it …

AT&T Releases Wi-Fi Calling Update For Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge

Two of the best flagship handsets available on the market right now are finally receiving the Wi-Fi calling update on AT&T. The carrier has confirmed that it’s rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge which adds the much-awaited Wi-Fi calling feature to both handsets. The update also features a couple of minor enhancements as well.

AT&T launched the Wi-Fi calling feature for its customers several months ago with an LG flagship. It later sent out the update for the Galaxy S6 Active and a couple of other LG smartphones.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge users on AT&T will certainly be feeling that it’s about time the carrier released this update for their handsets. The update is live now and rolling out to all Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge units on the country’s second largest mobile carrier.

The carrier has taken its sweet time in expanding the Wi-Fi calling feature to Android handsets. This very same feature has been available for iPhones for almost a year now, but as the saying goes, better late than never.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners on AT&T should keep an eye on the update notification. The file itself weighs some 600MB so make sure you have ample charge in the device and are connected to a good Wi-Fi network before downloading this update.

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A new app from Channels brings live TV to your iOS device

hero-ipad-0 Channels has grown to become one of the more popular applications for cord cutters who want to watch, pause, rewind and fast-forward live television on their 4th-generation Apple TV. Now that same functionality is arriving on iOS in a new app, launched this week. In addition to letting you watch live TV, the mobile application also lets you see what’s on in a full-grid TV guide.… Read More

Brazil Freezes Facebook’s $11.7 Million In WhatsApp Squabble

WhatsApp’s legal troubles continue in Brazil. The cross-platform messaging service has already been blocked and unblocked multiple times in the country as it’s being told to supply messaging data of users who are under criminal investigation in the country. Since WhatsApp communications are encrypted end-to-end even the company doesn’t have access to that data. The public federal prosecutor in Brazil’s Amazonas has said that the court there has frozen 38 million reais ($11.7 million) held in Facebook’s account.

Just in case you’re wondering why Facebook’s funds are being frozen in an issue that’s related to WhatsApp, it’s because Facebook owns WhatsApp.

The prosecutor’s office has said that the decision to freeze these funds was made after the company failed to comply with the court order to hand over data of users who are under criminal investigation. The funds have been held in fines that correspond to the failure to comply with the order.

Facebook has not immediately commented on the matter but it’s likely to challenge the freezing of nearly $12 million of its funds. WhatsApp has maintained its position throughout the entire squabble, that the data is encrypted end-to-end which is why it’s unable to access it and comply with the court order. It appears that WhatsApp’s legal troubles in Brazil are far from over.

Brazil Freezes Facebook’s $11.7 Million In WhatsApp Squabble , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use. raises $10 million, strikes partnership to bring tour and activity booking to Yelp cofounders Oskar Bruening (CTO) and Ruzwana Bashir (CEO). has raised $10 million in equity funding to become what it calls an “OpenTable for the $100 billion activities market,” according to CEO and co-founder Ruzwana Bashir. Based in San Francisco, with additional offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, lets travelers, and locals, find and book activities such as tours, tastings and lessons, online or via mobile. The… Read More

August’s Smart Lock gets Alexa functionality

August Smart Lock - HomeKit enabled Hero Alexa continues its unremitting march across the world’s different with the addition of the August Smart Lock to its list of compatible products. The hardware startup is bringing voice control to its smart home product courtesy of Amazon’s friendly AI. The functionality is arriving for both the first and second generation of the Smart Lock by way of the Alexa app, letting users… Read More

Facebook reinforces its iron grip on birthdays with new recap videos

Facebook Birthday Video Twitter shows some balloons and Snapchat wraps your messages like presents, but Facebook is where people celebrate birthdays online. Now to reinforce itself as the home for your personal content and connections, Facebook is launching birthday recap videos that assemble the best wall posts you got for your birthday into a cute little clip. Here’s an example: As long as you list your… Read More

Uber cofounder launches new real estate venture for Expa called Haus

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.33.56 AM Garrett Camp, Uber cofounder and CEO of Expa Studios, is today unveiling Expa’s latest project, Haus. Haus is the studio’s first real estate play and focuses entirely on the buying and selling of residential property, digitizing and organizing offers from buyers so that all parties (the buyer, seller, and agents) have more transparency and immediacy through the negotiation… Read More

How to get the Apple Watch Sport Band look for less

How do you get the Apple Watch Sport Band look for less? By checking out these alternatives!

The Apple Watch sport band has been released in 21 different colors. Maybe your Apple Watch came with one of the unique, fluoroelastomer bands with pin-and-tuck closure and you’re looking to get some more. Maybe your Apple Watch came with a different band and you’ve had your eye on a sport band (or several) ever since. The thing is, the real Apple bands are $49 a pop. And while they’re certainly worth it, there are also several really good alternatives you can try for much, much less.

MoKo replacement sport band
top4cus replacement sport strap
Valuebuybuy sports wristband
Teslasz sports wristbands
FanTEK sport style strap

MoKo replacement sport band

MoKo makes over 20 color and pattern variations for their replacement sport band. The soft silicone is flexible, lightweight, and available for both the 38mm and 42mm versions.

It features the same pin-and-tuck clasp that the original Appl…

Microsoft and the duo user Part IV: Hey, unbelievers, Microsoft’s targeting consumers with Continuum

Microsoft’s vast platform of software, services and devices is targeted toward both personal and professional productivity.

As we’ve seen in Parts I through III of this series Microsoft’s duo user business philosophy is at the core of all that the firm does. In Part I we saw that the company’s duo user approach is paving a path for Redmond’s return to the consumer smartphone space. This return will presumably be in the form of an ecosystem supported ultra-mobile PC. In Part II we talked about Microsoft’s duo user platform of tools and services being positioned for consumers while also targeting the enterprise, thus having a duo appeal.

Microsoft’s duo user strategy is in all the firm does.

In Part III we saw how Microsoft is working to maintain its historic position with Windows as a de facto platform for personal and professional productivity. Microsoft intends to accomplish this by bringing the Unified Windows 10 Platform and the company’s infrastructure of partnerships to t…

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